Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kate and Seth's San Francisco Wedding

Kate and Seth met during Kate's internship at RIC ( Chicago) where Seth walked right through the center of Kate's OT exercise group. Long time rule being if you walk through the group, you have to dance. Seth was forced to dance, dropped to the floor with an awesomely hilarious move and the rest is history. During their reception we were all treated to a similar experience as Seth let loose with some fancy dance steps, a charming quality in a doctor if you ask me..
The wedding festivities began w/ Kate getting ready at the Marine's Memorial Hotel followed by a quick trip (in a vintage Rolls Royce) to the Palace of Fine Arts for portraits. The historic Sherith Israel was the site for the ceremony followed by a lively party at Marine's Memorial.
It was a wedding evocative of the 1940s - beautiful Kate in a slip dress, the amazing Band (Jambalaya) , an elegant hotel - all the right elements!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rachel and Alexis' Napa Valley Wedding

Rachel and Alexis met in high school and, after a long courtship finally tied the knot (10 years later!)
The setting was an exquisite private home and vineyard in Oakville, California.
It was a stunning day and the setting, which in itself was
quite beautiful , was decorated with some of the most beautiful flowers
I have ever seen. Guests walked under a long chain of marigolds
as they arrived.
The reception was elegant with moody globe lighting and a sky full of stars.
There was some fancy dancing going on! The fun was contagious. A perfect Napa Valley Wedding!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amber and Will's Wedding at The Silent Movie Theater

Amber and Will were married at The Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood.
The wonderful, Moorish Figueroa Hotel
was the scene for getting ready as family and friends gathered in the stunning , ornately tiled lobby.
The Silent Movie Theater proved to be an intimate and dramatic setting for the ceremony as guests sat in lobby seats focused on the stage as the ceremony took place. The last time I had been in the theater was to see "Metropolis" as a teen. This was a much happier show....